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Rollover Crash Neck Injury Replication and Injury Potential Assessment, IRCOBI Conference


Catastrophic neck compression and flexion injuries with quadriplegia are foreseeable outcomes of rollover crashes. However, current static regulatory tests cannot directly predict realworld rollover neck injuries. In this study, a dynamic test was developed and integrated bending moment (IBM) criteria proposed that can replicate/predict rollover neck flexion injuries with the Hybrid III dummy, upper and lower neck load cells, and a lateral vehicle camera. Platen drop tests were performed, revealing realistic pre-trip occupant positioning and a relationship between upper and lower neck loading. Dynamic rollover tests of 5 cars (FMVSS roof SWR range = 2.3 to 5.1) showed reduced neck flexion injury potential with increasing SWR and minimum roof SWR threshold of about 3.5 consistent with other proposed rollover injury criteria.

Prediction of Human Neck Injury in Rollovers from Dynamic Tests Using the Hybrid III Dummy, IMECE Conference


In the U.S, there are approximately 27,000 occupants seriously injured or killed annually in rollover crashes. This study is part of an ongoing research project aimed at mitigating catastrophic human neck injuries in rollovers using results of dynamic tests, which utilize Hybrid III dummies as human surrogates. A methodology is being developed for replicating, predicting, and differentiating between axial compression and the more predominant neck flexion injuries. This paper presents platen tests, which were performed to determine Hybrid III dummy positioning and instrumentation for use in dynamic rollover tests. In addition, this paper demonstrates the use of the Pintar, et al. logistic regression curves to predict the probability of major flexion neck injury in the human from measured and adjusted Hybrid III dummy neck data. The capability of the Hybrid III dummy neck to realistically evaluate human neck injury potential is discussed.


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