History of FMVSS 216

We have a complete collection of documents dating back to the 1960's, from the early NHSB to the current NHTSA rulings. We also have many of the comments and information the industry has submitted over that time.


Related Papers and Presentations

Methodology Developed for Dynamic Rollover Regulation and Ratings, International Crashworthiness Conference (ICRASH)


At present, most governments require vehicle compliance to a quasi-static Roof Crush Resistance test similar to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 216. In this paper Center for Injury Research (CfIR) proposes a global full-scale dynamic rollover compliance test and rollover rating system. Compliance in these tests is a function of both vehicle structural and dummy responses. The methods include: 1) design and build a rollover test fixture, 2) apply structural injury risk statistics, 3) evaluate the relative structural injury risk performance of production vehicles 4) modify the Hybrid III dummy to be more humanlike, 5) develop momentum exchange dummy head, neck and spine injury measures and criteria, 6) demonstrate the match between structural injury risk relative to criteria and dummy injury measures relative to criteria, 7) identify a real-world test protocol, 8) demonstrate the real-world injury risk rating system and 9) summarize the proposed rollover compliance test regulation.

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