Multipassenger and School Bus Crashes

Our experts have participated in cases involving multipassenger and school bus crashes. We have experience in the design and safety of these vehicles and understand the components which contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle.

Related Papers and Presentations

Implementation of Composite Roof Structures in Transit Buses to Increase Rollover Roof Strength And  Reduce the Likelihood of Rollover, International Crashworthiness Conference (ICRASH)


A production transit bus with roof pillars of small section size and low-gauge steel, exhibits extensive lateral roof deformation (matchboxing) in rollover impacts. This matchboxing allows the rollover to continue well beyond a quarter roll. Finite element simulation demonstrates that a bus roof design incorporating inexpensive E- glass fiber epoxy composite roof pillars can reduce matchboxing and arrest the rollover of the bus at equivalent or reduced gross vehicle weight.

Transit Bus Design Effects Utilizing Improved Steel or Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures, 2007 SAE World Congress


A typical  production  transit  bus  with vertical pillars  of small  section  size,  low  gauge  and low  strength  steel, exhibits   extensive   lateral   pillar   side-sway   collapse (match boxing)  in  rollover  impacts. This matchboxing allows rollover of the bus onto its roof.  LS-DYNA simulations demonstrate that roof pillars of high strength steel or inexpensive E-glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pultrusions can prevent match boxing and arrest the rollover of the bus. However, for the same space envelope, pultruded FRP pillars can be at least 41% lighter than high strength steel square tubes exhibiting the same bending moment capacity.

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